Corporate Social Responsibility

Mr. Abhishek Garg
Chief Executive Officer
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means a commitment by a company to manage its roles in a society in a responsible and sustainable manner.

HSPL remains committed to play a key role in society towards a sustainable development. Any business organization of today has to include the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. HSPL believes in creating "socially responsible" business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society through its activities.

"The service we render others is the rent we pay for our room on earth - Wilfred Grenfell".

We support & are proud to be associated with "Have a Heart Foundation".



Heart disease is disheartening, especially when it affects infants and children. While technology may have made life-saving advancements, these are also unaffordable (Surgery costs from 1, 50,000 to 1, 95,000) which put even primary treatment facilities beyond the common man's reach.

Have a Heart Foundation is a transparent, non-profit organization that aims to save the lives of underprivileged children from birth up to 12 years by sponsoring heart surgeries and post-operative care. Have A Heart Foundation reaches out to children of daily wage earners who earn as little as 2000 per month and who have no option but to lose everything, or their child.

Have A Heart has tied up with hospitals in Bangalore, Kolkata, Durgapur, Jaipur and Ludhiana. The Foundation in Ludhiana has tied up with DMC Hospital to provide unbiased superlative care for patients across Punjab. Have A Heart Foundation aims to heal hundreds of hearts and ensure that these children live to see a healthy future.

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